Our Classes

My First Art Class is presented in 16 cities throughout the San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay Area in California. Classes range in ages 18 months to 4-years-old and are held through local recreation departments and community centers.

Each week, we have an exciting theme using an array of art materials such as paint, clay, glitter, stickers, collage, markers and much more. We set up an art environment with 5 stations. The children move freely around the room experiencing the art materials at their own pace. We have fun with art for 45 minutes and finish the hour with lively singing and dancing.

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why first art works

We believe art is about self-expression, and as adults, we’ve often learned that there is a right way—and a wrong way to approach art. We are told not to make a mess and to color within the lines. If someone is telling you what to do, where is the self-expression? In My First Art Class, making a mess is part of the process—sticking the paint brush into the wrong color paint is part of the process—and letting go of the final outcome is part of the process too.

fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are naturally developed with peeling off stickers, holding brushes, crayons, and glue paddles.

attention span

Attention span naturally increases. Since the children choose where to begin, they are more likely to be engaged for longer periods of time.


Self-confidence is built by children experiencing the ability to say “I did it by myself!”