Our Book

First Art contains over 80 art experiences for toddlers and 2-year-olds. Chapters are arranged by activities and list what materials are needed, what the adult needs to do, and how to get the toddler started. With First Art, we want to promote the idea that there is no “right” way to approach art, and that art is fun!

With lots of variations that add to the fun, and tips for making the activities run smoothly, you’ll discover the natural curiosity and enthusiasm of toddlers and twos as they explore creative art experiences designed just for them. There’s even a chapter of special adult-made props, such as an art baggie book to display a child’s artwork, and a tabletop easel made from a pizza box to catch all the drips. First Art for Toddlers and Twos starts children on a journey full of exploration and creativity!

maryann kohl, co-author

When Dana Bowman signed up her twin toddlers for one of Renee’s toddler art classes, Renee and Dana discovered they shared the same philosophy about art and children. Renee and Dana began to talk about how much a book about art for toddlers and twos was needed. They approached award-winning children’s author, MaryAnn Kohl about collaborating on such a book and so began a great writing friendship with First Art as the outcome.